Finally, a truly sustainable and alternative solution to plastic based cutlery. A real point of interest at my first BBQ of the year, and still 24 pieces washed and dried, ready for my next. A very durable and comfortable product. Perfect for large parties or even weddings. Thanks.
Ash B, UKMay 20, 2017
They are so pretty and what I loved is that I have been able to save some of them to use for next time. I washed them lightly with water and they good to go (of course not the ones that were very dirty). AND it saves our planet from plastic! Win win
A.C., UKNov 20, 2015
Great, sturdy and have no "wood" smell
Great, sturdy and have no "wood" smell
Andreja, UKJun 20, 2013
Sturdy and comfortable to use
Cutlery is very sturdy and better than typical bamboo utensils. Very happy with it.
Kamal, UKJul 20, 2003
The best!
Looked at many, and these are the strongest and best quality.
A.Mooresmith, UKJul 20, 2003