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We love shipping parcels and pressies to our customers and friends… almost as much as we enjoy receiving them! If only all those recyclable cardboard boxes came wrapped in recyclable tape! Use Pandabode™ packing tape to ensure that your box, parcel, Christmas or birthday presents, are packed securely, as well as sustainably!

  • 48mm Wide x 50m roll length.
  • Made in the UK from recyclable brown kraft paper - recycling bin friendly.
  • Strong adhesive sticks to itself and most other materials.
  • Stickers, such as postal labels, can be stuck over the top of the tape.
  • A simple environmentally friendly, biodegradable alternative to plastic stickytape.
  • Shipped in recyclable packaging.
  • Get heavy duty reliability thanks to robust adhesion to cardboard. Peace of mind when sealing and securing any gift box or carton, however fragile.
  • You can write and draw on our tape with pens or pencils and it’s also paintable.
  • Tearable by hand, yet very strong once applied.
  • Self-adhesive - no water required.
  • Shhh… it’s quiet!
  • Can be used as refills in a standard tape dispenser gun.


Does not remove easily from cardboard and paper, once applied.

Strong adhesion and unsuitable for use as a masking tape.

May not remove cleanly from a surface.

Water resistant but not completely waterproof.

Adhesive may deteriorate after 12 months depending on temperature, humidity and other conditions. May be unsuitable for long term storage.

Adhesive is not PH neutral. May be unsuitable for use on photographs.

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