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100 Knives

Each pack contains 100 knives. Perfect for food vendors, takeaway businesses, events, parties and weddings.

Premium Quality, Strong & Durable

Designed for dependable, heavy duty cutting.

Natural and Sustainable

Our cutlery is made from high quality bamboo wood, a renewable, sustainable and biodegradable material that can be disposed of responsibly.

~170mm Large Size and Easy to Use

The large ~170mm size & wide flat grip design, helps to make holding the handle feel easy, natural and comfortable.

Recyclable Packaging

We always strive to make our packaging recyclable, reusable or naturally degradable.

We love parties, BBQs, camping, picnics, lunches, weddings and events, but who wants all that washing up afterwards? Not us. Simply use our disposable bamboo cutlery and throw your chores away, the eco way!

If, like us, you enjoy convenience but are concerned about plastic pollution in our environment, our disposable bamboo cutlery is an excellent solution. Because bamboo is biodegradable and grows rapidly, it is sustainable, whilst still offering you the ease of a throw away product. We think that encouraging the use of biodegradable material for disposable items is essential to help reduce the devastating effects of single use plastics on our earth.

Our high quality bamboo cutlery is dependable and made with real world heavy duty usage in mind. Throw it away after use and it will simply biodegrade. That's one worry crossed off off the list, so you can focus on the food!

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