Our planet is rather spectacular & we want to keep it that way. To help make this easier, we think that sourcing everyday eco friendly products, should be made simple. That’s why our products are all either biodegradable, recyclable or reusable, as well as functional & convenient. Oh & we like to think that they look pretty awesome too.

We provide simple sustainable solutions to help you live and thrive.

Despite the rampant doom and gloom surrounding the human impact on our planet, many innovative, inspiring and environmentally conscious projects, movements and initiatives, are well underway around our world. Good humans. Well done us.

Yes, we certainly do face challenges. Big ones. The scale of these challenges is vast and the consequences if we continue to make unwise environmental choices, are severe. So, now that more of us are beginning to understand and accept this reality, let’s focus on doing something about it, shall we.

We think it is important to apply optimism to a realistic and balanced perspective. As we strive to live environmentally conscious lifestyles and transition towards a more sustainable future, how do we responsibly manage our impact on planet earth and still get the most from our lifestyles? Life is a grand adventure, after all and we intend to continue living it.

As we progress towards a more sustainable future, we acknowledge the necessary changes that are essential for our species to continue to flourish, grow and progress. We continue to understand, respect and treasure the unique biodiversity and interwoven natural systems that make our world so spectacular and are essential in enabling it to function as it does.

Constant advancement, innovation and progress is part of what makes us human. Let’s not forget to appreciate and give reverence to the glistening blue sphere that has nurtured humanity to where we find ourselves today; on the horizon of transformational possibilities. We all have a role to play in writing the next chapter, let’s make it a great one.

‘The world is a fine place and worth fighting for’

Ernest Hemmingway

Our Approach

If given a convenient choice, would you prefer to use an environmentally friendly product over one that pollutes our environment, or is unsustainable? Yes, we know it’s a silly question, yet it amazes us how many products are still not made from sustainable materials & will not safely biodegrade back into our environment, once they are eventually thrown away.

Our approach is realistic & we acknowledge that in our busy contemporary lives, convenience matters. We also believe it is essential that we continue to find better ways of integrating human activity harmoniously and efficiently with natural processes that exist in our environment.

Our products and packaging face three initial questions. If the answer to at least one question is yes, we consider it an idea worth exploring.

  • Can it biodegrade safely in a reasonable time frame?

  • Would it be safe if disposed of into landfill?
  • Is it commonly recycled?

Our goal is to provide simple sustainable solutions to help you live and thrive.

The Pandabode Posse